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Viktor Korchnoi vs Robert Hübner 1981

Viktor Korchnoi is a Russian born Grandmaster born in 1931. He won 4 USSR Championships and played in 6 Chess Olympiads.

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He played in 10 canidate tournaments and played 2 World Championships against Karpov in 1978 and 1981, losing both.

He was a top chess player for nearly 50 years. He won the 2006 World Senior Championship.


Robert Hübner is a German Grandmaster born in 1948.

He was ranked as high as 3rd in 1980.

He participated in 3 Candidate tournaments, reaching the finals in 1980 losing to Korchnoi.


A great game by Korchnoi who beats Hübner in 23 moves.

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The Game on chessgames.com

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