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Boris Spassky vs Mikhail Tal 1979

Boris Spassky is a Russian Grandmaster and former World Champion, born in 1937. He is currently living in France. In his youth he won the World Junior Chess Championship. He won his first USSR Championship in 1961 and gained the right to challenge Tigran Petrosian in the 1966 World Championship match, which he lost narrowly. 3 years later he again had the chance to play Petrosian for the title and beat him 12,5 to 10,5.

He lost the title in widely publicized “match of the century” to Fischer.


Mikhail Tal was a Latvian Grandmaster born in 1936. He won 2 USSR Championships including his first win in 1957 as the youngest player ever. Known for his tactical and sacrificial style, he clinched the rights to play Mikhail Botvinnik for the 1960 World-championship. He won that encounter with brilliant aggressive games and was the youngest World Champion, lost the rematch 1 year later though clearly.

As late as 1979 he was ranked number 2 of the world.


A great game by Tal who won the 1979 Montreal Brilliancy with this game.

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