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Capablanca vs Jacques Mieses 1913

José Raúl Capablanca was a Cuban Grandmaster and the third undisputed World Champion. Born in 1888. When he was 13 he beat the reigning Cuban Champion Juan Corzo narrowly in match play (4–3, 6 draws). He was accepted into Columbia University and moved to New York City. He joined the Manhattan Chess Club and was soon recognized as their strongest player.

He rose in the ranks, defeating Marshall in match play and convincingly winning the San Sebastian Tournament of 1911, one of the strongest tournaments up to that point.

He was in negations with Lasker for a World Championship match, but World War one broke out and put a halt on international chess for more than 5 years.

Finally Lasker resgined his title to Capablanca, to play their 1921 World Championship as the challenger. Capablanca won 9-5 and became the thrid World Champion.

He later lost his title to Alexander Alekhine and died in 1942.

Capablanca was known for his simple play and had tremendous strength, especially in the endgame.


Jacques Mieses was a German born Grandmaster born in 1865. He was a strong attacker with some brilliant victories the greatest players of his time including Capablanca, Tarrasch, Schlechter and Lasker.

The game sees a firework middle game with a complex position and a rare misstep of Capablanca.

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